Saw Mill Capital responds to COVID-19

We partner with management teams to help successful businesses reach their full potential.

Working with you, and for you

Our approach is collaborative. We set shared goals, find and create opportunities, and then apply our strategic, operational, and industry expertise to enhance company performance.

Supporting and developing our portfolio company management teams is essential. We believe the central tenet to achieving our investment objectives is supporting and developing of our portfolio company management teams. As an active investor, Saw Mill commits significant internal resources to each investment. We also leverage outside advisors from our network, and in partnership with management, recruit independent board members. These resources assist our portfolio companies in areas such as lean business practices, sales and marketing, business development, product pricing strategies, operations, and global market development and sourcing.

Together, we work to implement our strategy and achieve our shared goals. This is made possible by trust, mutual respect, cooperation and the application of complementary skills.

Unique In-House Research

Proprietary, up-front industry research drives our investment evaluation process. We solicit diverse input from industry experts to inform our perspective and to identify growth opportunities. We have a proven record of uncovering obscured value in situations where other buyers do not have the necessary expertise or resources. This extensive research often means can rapidly understand businesses and their opportunities, enabling us to move faster than other investors, with greater certainty to close.

Partnering with us

We don’t want to run your business. That’s your job. Saw Mill looks for companies poised for growth led by management teams with the willingness and skill to get there. Our job is to provide you and your company with the resources required for you to succeed.